Your L❤VE

Every breath I take I breath you in

    like a breath of fresh air
making it easier to breath once again
When you hold me tight in your arms
    I feel so safe and warm
like nothing could ever harm me again
Every moment that is spent with you
    such happiness within
something I have never felt before
The look in your eye’s when you smile
    melts my heart
and im lost deep withing you again
When your not near me
    I feel so lost
my life just feels so empty and incomplete
The love I feel and have for you
   is unexplainable
could never picture my life without you

Copyright © 2014 Tasha Badger
All rights reserved


Hidden and Abused

Hidden bruises and tear filled eyes
you wouldn’t notice she was dying inside.
Breath after breath she just lays in pain
wondering when it will all happen again.
Image after image flash inside her head
as she lays there empty on her bed.
The loud footsteps kick in the door
grabbing her hair to get dragged along the floor.
Throwing her backpack against her chest
time for school where she must pretend.
If only these people knew the cold hard truth
all these long years she has been abused.
Breath in breath out and fake that smile
for once she is safe at least for a little while.

Copyright © 2014 Tasha Badger
All rights reserved

How do you feel now.

How does it feel now?
Knowing you cant throw me around
like a lost little puppy….
just wanting someone to lean on

How does it feel now?
To know I am free from you
the abuse and all the agony
that you put upon me

How does it feel now?
To watch me succeed
as your world comes falling down
Im the mother that you could never be

How does it feel now?
to know your secrets are exposed
as I am finally set free
from the pain that you caused me

How does it feel….
How do you feel now?
to know that you havent won
that part of my life is gone


Copyright © 2014 Tasha Badger
All rights reserved

Hate will win

This built up anger
is killing me inside
slowly … painfully
I can feel myself die
nothing can describe
how much hate
that flows inside
every inch of anger
flows through my blood
poisoning my life
my tired painful eyes
All the yelling
and the abuse
replay in my head
this scared little girl
you happily created
finally reached the end
The peices shattered around
im left vulnerable again
Hate will always win


Copyright © 2014 Tasha Badger
All rights reserved



You can never tell if one simple smile is fake or real. People are good at hiding how they really feel. I know I am. Years of practice. As long as people think that my anxiety disorders doesn’t exist it makes me feel a little bit better. I would never want to let people see how terrified I can get being out and about in public. I would only get badly judged for being weak and different. So to avoid all this criticism of others I hide.

This is me.

I was asked not to long ago If I could go back in time and change my anxiety. Get rid of it completely and not ever suffer from it. At the time I didn’t know how to answer but after thinking about it now I know my answer. I would not go back and change a thing. Maybe if they had asked me months before I would of instantly said yes but now I would instantly say no. Reason for this is because anxiety has helped me become the person I know I always could be. It made me more aware of other people’s feelings and struggles. Having anxiety disorders like agoraphobia, social anxiety, panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder has helped me become a stronger person. Taught me to pick myself up after falling into a deep black hole when no one supported me. Or lent out a hand to pick me up. For the longest time I was taught that having anxiety disorders and depression was not normal. That it made people seem crazy or psychotic. Truth is that stigma is not true. Only time I was suicidal was when I was teenager but that was because no one could understand or accept the changes I was going through. I was often put down because of it. Ridiculed because I couldn’t even bare to be out in public without an attack. For the longest time I wanted my family to finally accept me and understand but now I don’t care if they ever do. I understand why they couldn’t and still cant. They haven’t experienced the misery that anxiety can cause. The pain and self hate that you feel towards yourself. They will never know the release to feel a blade glide against their skin just to feel something or the extreme hate of being afraid all the time. Having anxiety is truly a nightmare but with help or guidance it can easily be controlled. You can live your life again and in the end you do find yourself. Know your limits and who to keep around. I may of hated the fact I had it and was made to feel ashamed but today Im learning that it is a part of me. Always will be. I just had to make the big decision of whether I was done letting it control my life. To not live life the way I was suppose to. Today I still have my anxiety disorders but with the help of my therapist im finally learning to let go of the past and live for today. I have developed coping methods to help me when im feeling anxious and writing is still playing a big part if my life. One day I hope my story will inspire someone to not give up.


Copyright © 2014 Tasha Badger
All rights reserved