As you all have probably guessed I have been absent for a little over three years from writing. I keep trying to get back to writing but found things to be rather stressful. I could not concentrate and found myself in a writer’s block. Being a mom has been my number one priority in life. My kids are the reason why I live and I dedicate my life to making sure they have a good life. Laundry, dishes, playing referee, and all that fun parenting stuff has taken up most of my days. As I have mentioned before one of my children is special needs ( no not physically able to see it), my oldest has some health problems and my daughter is a handful. The weekly and monthly appointments have been time-consuming but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just recently I started making some changes in my life. I realized that I didn’t read anymore and I really missed it. So I buy at least a book a month to read and found myself smiling more. Getting inspired to write. I found that I was giving, giving, giving and somewhere years ago lost who I was. So I started to take more time for myself and do the things I use to love. Little by little I am starting to feel like myself again. I am writing more and finding inspiration.

I am still working on my outline for my novel ” Secret of the Wolves.” Carrying around a notebook to write down some thoughts. Going for drives, being near water or listening to music always seem to bring out some amazing idea’s. This is one book I will never give up because once it is published it will be my baby. I also have a new announcement about a new project that I am working on. My daughter inspired me to start working on a children’s book. The only clue I am going to give is that it is about a Unicorn, a little girl, and a magical place. I have gotten positive feedback on my idea for this book by my family. The only downfall is I am not an artist so pictures will have to wait. I will, however, publish the story until I can create the proper illustrations to go with the children’s book.


The Homewrecker

Your not so innocent
as you claim to be.
Your not as pure and nice
as you wish the world would see.
In fact your the devil
wearing a charming disguise.

Your the definition of deception
that married men can not see.
Your the all those stupid lies
that everyone seems to believe.
Such a fake and hurtful person
no one can see the homewrecker you are.

Your the misery and hurt
behind my children’s wet eyes.
Your the time that was lost
as my husband told us goodbye.
So much evil and destruction
hidden behind a deceiving smile.

Your the anger that I feel
for all damage you have caused.
Your the anxiety surrounding
my kids as they scream and cry.
Their world turned upside down
because a homewrecker just had to try.


Copyright © 2017 Tasha Badger
All rights reserved

One Day

One day soon you will see
all that you wanted
all that you hung on to
just got up and decided to leave

So tired of fighting
So tired of always trying
believing empty meaningless words
Why did I let you change me

Now were stuck between
what use to be and what we could be
if only you could open your eyes
and see how miserable your making me

Promise after promise
plea after plea
all the things you had told me
were all tactics used to keep me.

My dreams got put on hold
so that you could be all you wanted to be
you took for granted of who I am
became selfish of only your needs

One day soon you will see
you will come and won’t find me
What was so important to you
would be long gone


Copyright © 2017 Tasha Badger
All rights reserved

I’m the Mom.

I’m the mom who secretly cries in the bathroom

because it is too much to take in.


I’m the mom who constantly gives in to her child

because picking battles is a crucial part of my day.


I’m the mom who is always yelling “no don’t do that”

because my child is putting himself in dangerous situations.


I’m the mom who begs and pleads with my child

because they will not get dressed or even eat.


I’m the mom who is always chasing her child

because he is so energetic he just can not sit still for a second.


I’m the mom who feels guilty for being more focused on one kid

because that one child has so many needs to keep up with.


I’m the mom who is constantly consoling my child

because he can’t understand why kids will not play.


I’m the mom who advocates for her child

because other’s don’t really know what he truly needs.


I’m the mom who is constantly getting criticized

because people just can’t try to understand


I’m the mom who at the end of the day tries her best

because that is all I can really do


I’m the mom of a special needs child

just trying to get through each day.


Copyright © 2016 Tasha Badger
All rights reserved


The waves are crashing against her
pulling her violently in
struggling as she gasps for breath
falling deeper and deeper in
she is paralyzed by her unsealed fate
as she looses the strength to fight


Copyright © 2016 Tasha Badger
All rights reserved


She has been destroyed
by the words they have said
been knocked to the ground
by the actions that were placed
you wanted her to fall
just admit that you did
watched from the corner of your eyes
as she faked a smile trying not to cry
watched as she smiled trying to fit in
while you acted like she didn’t exist
no matter how hard she tried
to make everything right
you all had your minds made up
she wasn’t to be liked and acknowledge
treated decently like the other.
Sad part is she has apologized
You don’t really know her well enough
to write her off like this
good-hearted people you say you are
don’t treat other people like this

Copyright © 2015 Tasha Badger
All rights reserved

World full of pain

The raindrops fall along the hard cold ground
she stands there as her world comes crumbling down.
The winter’s cold runs through out her veins
you wouldn’t know spring was on its way.
Tears fill up her tired eyes as she tries so hard not to cry
Why did she even bother to try?

You claimed you had loved her
Built her up with your kind gentle words.
Then knocked her down just to destroy her
as you sat there grinning from ear to ear.
You walked away so very happily every time
while she laid there struggling to survive.

Now years later she always wonders why
Herself she could never ever find.
When all these years you controlled her
Every decision filled with your endless lies.
Any form of happiness was vanished without a trace
You loved the misery and pain that appeared on her face.

Looking in the mirror she faces the cold hard truth
she hates the person she has come to be.
Anxiety that controls everything she wants to do
depression preventing her to look at life like she needs to.
A heart that has been filled so much hate
blinds her from seeing that love cant change her fate.

Copyright © 2014 Tasha Badger
All rights reserved