Month: December 2016

I’m the Mom.

I’m the mom who secretly cries in the bathroom

because it is too much to take in.


I’m the mom who constantly gives in to her child

because picking battles is a crucial part of my day.


I’m the mom who is always yelling “no don’t do that”

because my child is putting himself in dangerous situations.


I’m the mom who begs and pleads with my child

because they will not get dressed or even eat.


I’m the mom who is always chasing her child

because he is so energetic he just can not sit still for a second.


I’m the mom who feels guilty for being more focused on one kid

because that one child has so many needs to keep up with.


I’m the mom who is constantly consoling my child

because he can’t understand why kids will not play.


I’m the mom who advocates for her child

because other’s don’t really know what he truly needs.


I’m the mom who is constantly getting criticized

because people just can’t try to understand


I’m the mom who at the end of the day tries her best

because that is all I can really do


I’m the mom of a special needs child

just trying to get through each day.


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