Month: December 2013

Hate will win

This built up anger
is killing me inside
slowly … painfully
I can feel myself die
nothing can describe
how much hate
that flows inside
every inch of anger
flows through my blood
poisoning my life
my tired painful eyes
All the yelling
and the abuse
replay in my head
this scared little girl
you happily created
finally reached the end
The peices shattered around
im left vulnerable again
Hate will always win


Copyright © 2014 Tasha Badger
All rights reserved




You can never tell if one simple smile is fake or real. People are good at hiding how they really feel. I know I am. Years of practice. As long as people think that my anxiety disorders doesn’t exist it makes me feel a little bit better. I would never want to let people see how terrified I can get being out and about in public. I would only get badly judged for being weak and different. So to avoid all this criticism of others I hide.